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For a while now, I’ve been thinking I would like to do more with social networking from a work perspective, having closely observed how powerful it can be on the Close the Door campaign I help out with.

There are obviously a multitude of options on how to use the plethora of networks. I don’t want to swamp people with posts they’re not interested in, so have sat down and thought about how I’d like to post and where. You can now select from the following buffet of exciting options:

  • I’ll use my LinkedIn profile to post major work related announcements. These will be low volume.
  • I’ve established a new Tumblr blog for longer form public posts. This will get all of the LinkedIn posts, but will also cover other random technology topics. Please note this blog represents my personal viewpoint, which is not necessarily that of my employer BJSS. It remains to be seen how often I’ll be able to post, but I will commit to trying to make everything on or linked from here a/ original content and b/ worth reading for the (geek) audience.
  • I’m dusting off my long dormant Twitter account for short form posting/retweeting/linking to stuff I’m interested in. There won’t be a lot of quality control on this one, so take with a pinch of salt and only follow if you really want an unfiltered stream of consciousness. It will get crossposts of everything on tumblr, in case you prefer to be twatted instead of rssed.
  • I’ll continue to use my Facebook account for personal social networking, which at the moment will consist mainly of sending baby pictures :-). I like to keep a clear line between work and home, so please don’t be offended if I ignore a Facebook request. On the other hand, most of my friends will no doubt be relieved they don’t have to endure the odd technology rant any more!

Thanks all, hopefully this works for everybody - comments welcome. I wouldn’t normally ask, but if you could like/retweet/share this I’d be much obliged - it would be great if people got visibility of this one so they don’t miss out on future posts.

That’s all folks - have a good day.

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